the world seems to be a fare

and I roam like a shopper

things I want are here

but I buy only rare


roaming around I came to a point

and met a stranger unknown

things we got were joint

taking his, he was gone


saw what was not wanted

heard what was not meant to

things I admire are not landed

but grew easily when I planted


maybe I am on the right track

beautiful things are around

things of glass are crack

perhaps maintenance they lack


at bad times, I wanted to mew

but then I saw other shoppers

things I had were few

but they had nothing new


at some choices, I was right

at some others, I proved wrong

things I bought were light

for desires I had to fight



The Night

Here I am on the top of a hill

the sky, the moon and the waters are still

they are talking to me in silence saying

awakened this time – to whom are you paying

It is night but I am not exactly sleeping

with open eyes, like I am dreaming

unable, unable, unable to sleep tonight

as candle burns itself but doesn’t need light

things are like they were never before

night is growing but I am awakening more

night is a vast time, now I have realised

exactly opposite to what dreams emphasised

memories and emotions – all I collected

things that have gone, and the things suspected

thoughts went long but the moon doesn’t say bye

instead the stars are offering their hi

and as if they are welcoming me to their cage

celebrating my arrest, now I wish to engage

what if I started counting the stars

will the morning never come or started the wars

between them and me, guess who would be the winner

they of course because god is a sinner

almighty the stars and me so pathetic

loads of differences but a similarity hectic

living, non-living both are senseless

in this darkness we both are helpless

how different is the world of night really

the things we usually see are here merely

regrets and responsibilities all are absent here

the day is strict but the night is quite fair

that is why probably night comes

to undo the injustice the night commands

some maybe working at this time too

the sleepers are losers because whenever I would do

I would miss this night, the stars and the moon

because I know it is going to end soon…




No one

No one to listen, no one to hear

my story, my pain and my fear


This is what I conclude from the mystery of life

no one is a lover, a friend or a wife

to the bad luck, we are born on the same land

but still the people fail to understand

how much one lose to carry a relationship

and in a minute, it drowns like a ship

only names are there – father, brother, mother

but they don’t really care for each other

because whenever one has to suffer pain

there is no partner even to remain

like the winter-leaves, they fall

and come back again in the spring – they all

but whenever one gets happiness

it reduces and gets much less

due to the wrong intentions of the society

happiness gets killed! God mercy!

Give them the hearts and not only the mind

so that they can be enough gentle and kind

let them realise everyone’s feelings

and pain and how tough is to get healings


Still I know no on is the God, no one to hear

my story, my pain and my fear

Who was she?

Fainter images if the school days

I remember through my diary

in my mind a friendly face stays

was she my my friend? who was she?


Her face, her smile is so much sweet

and she is the queen of the deepest eyes

needs to be protected against the heat

was she a child? who was she?


on my every mistake she smiles

she let me understand, made me realise

importance of travelling the left miles

was she my supporter? who was she?


she always helped me when I fell

and helped me out at each step

she made me feel better when I was unwell

was she my mother? who was she?


each page of the book that I sae

was full of question and problems

but she made me understand each law

was she my teacher? who was she?


she was not young nor was old

neither a child nor a grown

it was happiness that she sold

was she the God? who was she?


It gets fainter I can’t see

she had disappeared in this crowd

she exits my flower life like a bee

who was she? who was she?


But life has several paths you see

the path I chose had no print of hers

I left her or she left me

who was she? remains a mystery…


We die, and then we begin again

on a new journey that starts everyday


even if you do not know the rain

silver linings of the clouds it may


and when the summer takes you

in the spring they will come play


keep going in the sweat and say


पानी और रेत

कभी रेत कभी पानी

कभी किस्सा कभी कहानी

कभी धुप कभी छाव

कभी शहर कभी गाँव


कभी दर्द कभी झूठ

कभी चाह कभी रूठ

कभी हठ कभी बैर

कभी काम कभी सैर


कभी रोना कभी हंसना

कभी पाना कभी खोना