Maybe we need to stop

no information saved me

it was just the belief

and the disbelief

that caused the horror

Maybe we need to step back

how information is necessary

or is it just the good deeds

or our dead well-wishers

that will save us from misery

Maybe we need to sleep

forgetting and rebuilding information

where the fear comes naked

and true emotions are exposed

that is the paradise awaiting us


can anything be hidden at all?

all we do is ignore

the truth is out there

crystal clear as always


can a mistake be big or small?

all we say is prejudice

we tolerate loved ones

discard who don’t benefit us


can darkness be ever seen?

all we understand is silence

of our own soul screaming

to be set free…




take me places of the unsung songs

of the melodies sweet that roar

of your presence, unseen at the shore


your eyes that see me forever

and your lips that taste so sweet

your hands between my teeth


allow me to sing again to you

my dear who doesn’t know

please to all else do not show


Who are these moments for

my friend what will you take


what did you create and

who did you really care for


its all just one my friend

your mind creates everything else


but if you see properly

there is one single direction


you must follow your heart

everything else shall burn


hold it when it beats too fast

there is no running in this long path


one day when sorrow fills your heart

be with it because it is still yours


love, love, love, love yourself first…